DYNEX Technologies and Tecan come together to combine cutting-edge immunoassay science with trusted ELISA microplate technology. A collaborative partnership paving the way for advanced diagnostic solutions, tailored specifically for the modern-day healthcare community.


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DYNEX® Technologies has proudly stood for quality and innovation in ELISA and Chemiluminescence microplate technology since its inception more than seven decades ago. A diverse DYNEX portfolio of instruments aims to maximize workflow productivity while preserving superior testing accuracy for laboratories of all sizes and specialties.

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The DYNEX® DSX® system sets the standard for comprehensive and reliable automation. The automated open system handles various assays and volumes simultaneously, with the speed and accuracy efficient laboratories require.


DS2 Brochure

Automating ELISA testing with the DYNEX® DS2® system elevates your laboratory operations with added functionality and productivity. The DS2’s incredibly small footprint allows for easy integration into a fast-paced laboratory.


Driving Diagnostic Excellence with Innovative ELISA Testing

Tecan is redefining ELISA testing with state-of-the art techniques designed to deliver unprecedented accuracy in saliva and serum diagnosis. By unlocking new diagnostic possibilities, Tecan’s advances equip healthcare professionals with pinpointed insights to confidently deliver the best care possible.

Saliva diagnostics

With over 20 years of data integrity and experience with saliva samples, Tecan reagents are a trusted source for hormone testing with increased sensitivity and specificity.

Applications for Saliva Testing

Studies have indicated that Saliva testing is an effective method for measuring the biologically active part of hormones. A non-invasive, stress-free way for monitoring health in these specialties:

Saliva Assays

  • 17beta-Estradiol Saliva ELISA (30121045)1
  • Testosterone Saliva ELISA (RE52631)2
  • Cortisol Saliva ELISA (30172091)2
  • DHEA Saliva ELISA (RE52651)2
  • Estriol High Sensitive Saliva ELISA (30121046)2
  • 17-OH-Progesterone Saliva ELISA (RE52271)2
  • Progesterone Saliva ELISA (RE52281)2
  • Melatonin direct Saliva ELISA (RE54041)2
  • Cortisol Saliva LUM (RE62111/RE62119)1
  • 7beta-Estradiol Saliva LUM (RE62141/ RE62149)1
  • Progesterone LUM (RE62021)1
  • Testosterone LUM (RE62031/RE62039)1
  • Salicap set (RE69991, RE69995)1*
  • All kit sizes are 96 tests with some luminescence kits available in bulk.
    Most kits include 2 controls. Shelf life is 6-24 months, depending on kit.

Interested in the science
behind salivary diagnostics?

Saliva Diagnostics:
Coming Closer to the Clinic

Saliva sampling and analysis presents an attractive alternative to blood testing. It is non-invasive, easily repeatable, allows for the collection of multiple samples, and it can be performed in settings that may not be conducive to blood sampling.


Innovative Saliva

Steroid hormone assessment from saliva allows the specific determination of the biologically active target hormones. Tecan/IBL International provides highly-sensitive immunoassays that are specially developed and validated for saliva.


Serum diagnostics

The highly sensitive, reliable immunoassays for measuring steroid, peptides, proteins, and amino hormones via serum samples offer healthcare professionals options that cater to an individual’s unique needs. These assays run on DYNEX instruments but are not readily available on random-access systems.

Serum Assays

  • 17-OH-Progesterone (30223011)1, IVD
  • 25-OH-Vitamin D (RE53041)2
  • Androstenedione (DB52161)2
  • Adiponectin (30126762)2
  • DHEA (RE52221)2
  • Leptin (MD53001)2
  • 5a-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (DB52021)2
  • Chromogranin A (30215097)2, 3
  • Estrone (DB52051)2
  • P3NP (30216401)2, 3
  • Free Testosterone (DB52181)2
  • Pregnenolone (DB52031)2
  • 20+ more test
  • All kit sizes are 96 tests with some luminescence kits available in bulk.
    Most kits include 2 controls. Shelf life is 6-24 months, depending on kit.

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1. For in-vitro diagnostic use only., IVD.
2. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
3. Distributed by Tecan, IBL International GmbH and DYNEX in the U.S.
* Salicap set includes: collection tubes, straws and labels.

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